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They say a thousand words, but none hit as hard as I love you. Even when you cannot return their love, hearing someone call out your name and ask you to love them gives a strong pull inside everyone's heart. Knowledge is nothing, and power only makes you sick. Loneliness is concrete in each thought and we all have felt the pull and tug of someone else's heart. If only in our imagination... we all crave and desire it.

Why is it then that we must persecute those who have found love? If I marry a man, I am considered whole. If I marry a woman, I am diseased and punished for my insolence. Define for me love. A feeling that you can't deny? An emotion that makes people do crazy things for crazy people... just to say hello? If love is so wrong because a woman is with a woman or a man is with a man, then how can it exist at all? What about unrequited love? What about adultery? What about murdering your spouse? How many other things that have torn apart love... war, pain, sickness? There are a thousand things already that tear individuals from love, a feeling can save a soul, but our society has placed minor goals and intolerance above a feeling that has been known to save lives and shake worlds. It's like we're blocking our own way to shine...

We're telling others who to love when in reality, we should be focusing on how WE love. My heart aches for those who are still in hiding, because even though they can physically stand and smile, they are running, racing to get away from the stares of indignation that they perceive around them. They are not blind. They are not ignorant. They are not diseased. WE are not stupid. WE are not worthless. WE are who we are, and




I'm bisexual and in a relationship with a guy. I wrote this for all the people out there who are shunned and screamed at for who they are. I will never tell my mother that I am bisexual. I would most likely lose my family. My best friends are a lesbian and a gay guy though. I don't know what I'd do without them, and I don't want to think about it anyway.

I hope that one day people will realize that love is love, and most "straight" people never find real love. Besides, I'd rather see a happy gay couple that's been together for years than most of the half-assed couples that get divorced after one.

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Dave175 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
You neglected to put that gay married couples can get divorced too...

Otherwise, I fully support this piece. I have a gay cousin living in Texas and I fully support and love him and his partner the same as the rest of my family and hate when ignorant people undermine their love simply because they both happen to be male. More power to ya, sister!
yugokitari Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I was more referring to the fact that people blame homosexuality for "tearing apart" marriage in America when it's really things like divorce that do it. And I don't mean divorce when it's needed, I mean, people who get married and get divorced without even trying to fix the relationship. I have a friend who's wife tried to kill him. He divorced her, so I understand things like that. I just hate it when people blame something that they don't understand when they support Hollywood stars getting married and breaking up "just cause".
Dave175 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
I understand and I completely agree that when people who claim to have "proper family values" say homosexual couples are "ruining the sanctity of marriage" they are crossing a line, and more often than not are hypocrites because they secretly have some REAL unwholesome stuff going on (I.E. having an affair, beastiality, living a double life, pedophilia, etc.), or even sometimes are gay themselves. (AND IF YOU THINK THAT WAS A RUN-ON SENTENCE...)

However, I also can't defend people who rightfully demand equal rights for gay couples, but then hold them above straight couples, as if homosexual couples know something about relationships that straight couples don't. The truth is, that whether the couple is gay, straight or bi, there is always a chance of incompatability, and even extreme acts of violence like the one you described, because no matter the sexual orientation, we're all humans at the end of the day. Hollywood relationships are often just for show, so that isn't even a part of this. The pattern in couples that get as bad as you've seen is because they don't communicate, and that makes it harder to reciprocate feelings towards the partner, not because they were straight.

The moment you begin making generalizations like that about heterosexual couples because they don't often stay togther long, you become just as bad as the people who generalize homosexual couples as being promiscuous. Neither are true in all cases, and as long as a personal AND romantic connection can be made, cultivated, and maintained, death should be the only thing that ends a relationship.

Now let us stop before this turns into a flame war.
yugokitari Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
lol I really hadn't thought it was a war, more of a discussion. :) And I hadn't really meant to generalize. Guess it was just blowing off steam and general ranting in that little part. I didn't think too hard into it. I know couples on both sides who are bad for each other, so yea... it's just a random statement that got taken a way I hadn't planned it to be taken.
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